Sneaky racegoer busted trying to smuggle vodka inside a sandwich [pic]

A sneaky racegoer has been busted trying to smuggle a bottle of vodka into a racecourse by stashing it inside a salami and tomato sandwich.

However, the woman’s attempt to hide the alcohol unraveled when security guards noticed the sandwich was a lot heavier

than it should be.


“This was spotted by security yesterday, you hide it, we find it!” UK’s Southwell Racecourse posted on Twitter.

The racecourse saw the funny side and asked people to come up with a witty caption for the photo.

“Let us know your witty strapline suggestions and you could win a prize!” they wrote.

The sandwich has since gone viral after catching the attention of thousands of people around the world.

“Caught bread-handed!” one person commented.

“Brilliantly clever. I’m flabbergasted,” wrote another.