Snezana Markoski wins Sam Wood’s heart on The Bachelor Australia 2015

She was the girl no-one predicted would actually end up with Sam Wood.

But last night, the Bachelor revealed his true feelings during the finale episode – that he had fallen for mum-of-one Snezana Markoski.

‘You were the first girl that I met and you are the last girl because I’ve fallen madly in love with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you Snezana,’ he told her.


‘My heart skips a beat every time I see you, I just feel so, so lucky that this crazy adventure has brought us together.’

Snezana then revealed that she too had fallen for the bachelor.

‘I love you too. I have been waiting to hear you say that for so long now. You are everything that I’ve ever dreamed of and more than I could have ever expected,’ she said.

It was believed by many fans of the show that 35-year-old Sam would not choose the beautiful brunette as it would mean he would become an instant father figure to Snezana’s nine-year-old daughter, Eve.

And boy did he prove Australia wrong.

‘I totally understand that it doesn’t just mean looking after you. I know it means looking after Eve. I know it was Eve who made you come on to this, who pushed you, and I will be forever in her debt so I got her a little something for you to give to her.’

Sam then gave Snezana a heart-shaped necklace for the little girl and then presented her with a $22,000 diamond ring.

It was the fairytale ending, we've all been waiting for… Congratulations @samjameswood and Snezana! ❤ #TheBachelorAU

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With Sam choosing Snezana as his love, favourite Lana was left heart broken and devasted.

After The Bachelor revealed she was not the one, Lana told him ‘Thank you for everything, it’s been crazy and fun and wild adventure.’

Holding back tears, the stunning brunette asked cameras not to film her as she tried to compose herself following the blow.

Once in the car on her way home, Lana said: ‘To have fallen for someone so quickly and so intensely and then it all be cut off so quickly is really quite painful. I am sad that it’s over because I feel like it could have been the start but it’s the end. ‘