Sniffer dogs bust dozens with drugs at annual cannabis festival

DOZENS of people have been busted with drugs at an annual cannabis festival in northern NSW.

As many as 10,000 people attended the three-day MardiGrass event at Nimbin last weekend.

Police walked through the township with drug detection dogs and allegedly busted almost 40 people with prohibited substances, mainly cannabis.


NSW Police said the operation was conducted “to ensure public safety and uphold the law”.

Eighteen people were charged with drug offences and given a date in court.

Nineteen others were issued with cannabis cautions.

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Kind of sounds like shooting fish in a barrel….and all that for mainly cannabis….the massively “destructive” and “evil” “gateway” drug that’s becoming legalised worldwide. I wonder how many they actually tested. The humiliation rate of the NSW Police FORCE with sniffer dogs is anywhere from 50-80%, by their own stats. That’s 50-80% that the drug sniffer dog has got it WRONG. No problem, unless you’re one of those being humiliated in public for NOTHING. If you too feel this is a ridiculous and unjust tool of the NSW Police Force, you may want to LIKE the Sniff-Off Facebook page, initiated by David Shoebridge that will advise you when potential humiliation by these lovely dogs and their not-so-lovely, manipulative trainers is happening and more importantly, where.