Snoop could be banned from Oz for Big Day Out

With the Gold Coast stop for the Big Day Out just days away, a spanner’s been thrown in the works.

A Sydney woman behind an online petition to have Snoop Lion’s (aka Snoop Dogg’s) Australian visa revoked has achieved her target of 2500 signatures.

Talitha Stone, 24, is an active campaigner on violence against women and attempted to have other controversial musicians, Tyler the Creator and Robin Thicke, thrown out of the country last year, according to the Brisbane Times.


Ms Stone posted the Snoop petition on a week before Christmas, claiming the lyrics, public comments and lifestyle of the veteran gangsta rapper make him an unsuitable visitor to Australia because of the influence he will have on young men.

She highlights lyrics to prove the point:”You got a bitch that won’t do what you say… she hardheaded, she just won’t obey, you’ve got to put that bitch in her place, even if it’s slapping her in her face…”

Ms Stone claims to have been a target of violence herself.

“We put millions of dollars into campaigns against violence against women like White Ribbon and yet we roll out the red carpet for these people,” Ms Stone said.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, is one of the three headliners for the touring Big Day Out festival, which will be held at Metricon Stadium and Carrara Parklands this Sunday.

Snoop does have a long rap sheet, mostly for drug offences. He was charged but found not guilty of being an accomplice to murder in 1993. In a 2006 interview with Rolling Stone he claimed that he worked as a pimp in 2003 and 2004 but had given it up.

In 2007 he was banned from entering Australia on character grounds but the decision was later reversed.