Snow flakes have fallen in Queensland

The Queensland-New South Wales border has woken to snow flakes this morning, as temperatures near freezing.

The town of Eukey – just south of Stanthorpe –  has reported sleet and snow droppings, though Stanthorpe has just missed out.

Lachlan Stoney from the Bureau says it’s pretty unusual for Queensland.


“We don’t often get snowflakes in Queensland, but every few years we do get observations of a few snowflakes, usually around the border, as is the case today, and usually at the higher elevation.

“So right near the border, very high up and just a brief moment of snowflakes, not much accumulating on the ground.

“It was a very marginal case of snow,” Mr Stoney said.

It’s all due to very icy winds that have been moving up the east coast.

While our June temperatures are still pretty low compared to previous years, the wind chill factor can drop temps by around 10 degrees.

For example, Stanthorpe is sitting around 2 degrees this morning, though thanks to the chilly wind actually feels more like -4 degrees.

For the Gold Coast region, we’re expecting top temps around 18 degrees, though Mr Stoney says it’ll feel a lot colder.

“Maximum temps throughout the day might get up to 19/20 degrees, though with the wind it’s going to feel much colder, feeling even colder than maybe 10 degrees,” Mr Stoney said.