Solution to search for parking in Southport

Gold Coast Councillor Dawn Crichlow has offered a possible solution to help people looking for a car park in Southport.

Three owned by Secure Parking, and with development approval, have closed in recent times because they did not meet national standards.

Staff at the Southport Health Precinct raised concerns and Councillor Crichlow encouraged them to approach Queensland Health.


She said the “Queensland Health employees have now moved into the old Griffith University Medical School”.

There’s also a car park opposite Allamanda Hospital on the corner of Tweed and Queen Streets.

Councillor Crichlow said “it is owned by Queensland Health and, as we all know, Allamanda Hospital’s moving out in March”.

She said the owners have also knocked down a couple of buildings just two doors along from Allamanda “and I noticed that some people are using that as a car park”.

The other thought was that perhaps staff from the Southport Health Precinct, and other businesses, could park where the old Gold Coast Hospital used to stand on the corner of Queen and High Streets.

Property Solutions owns that site.

“I mean it’s up to the State Governments when they put in employees they should be supplying car parking for them”.

Councillor Crichlow did say “no” to requests for the maximum two hour parking limits in Southport to be extended to “all day” parking.  The reason she gave was that the shorter limit was in place to protect businesses who need to get customers through their doors.

She added that she is waiting for the Light Rail to go to Helensvale “you can imagine how many more people will be able to use public transport to get to work in the CBD of the Gold Coast”.

Councillor Crichlow said the City still has the Depot, belonging to the State, at the end of Queen Street.

She commented that “when Council moves out of there that’d be a perfect Park ‘N Ride and when they build Parkwood they’re putting in 1,000 car spaces and at the other one they’re doing 400 car spaces so people will be able to park and ride soon to get into the CBD”.