Some Gold Coast toilets won’t flush due to overloaded sewerage system

It appears the Gold Coast’s sewerage system has fallen victim to intense rainfall, with pump stations overflowing today.

A local councillor reports that over 90 pump stations across the city have been overloaded, due to rain being ‘illegally diverted from the stormwater system to the sewerage network’.

This means that some areas of the Gold Coast may experience troubles flushing the toilet.


Council has been made aware of the issues, with crews on hand to deal with spillages and to minimise any environmental impacts.

Division 5 Councillor Peter Young says that those affected should be in touch with their insurance companies.

“Impacted customers who are experiencing sewage overflows or inundations in their home, are asked to contact their insurance company and the 24 hour Customer Service Centre on 1300 000 928 and to arrange clean up as soon as possible.

“There may be delays in speaking to an operator after-hours due to the potential high volume of calls and delays in crew response times due to this significant rain event.

“The City’s sewerage network system is designed to handle an average of 4 times the normal dry weather flow, over the last week we have received in excess of 500mm of rain across the Gold Coast, impacting the sewerage network,” his Facebook post reads.

Council has been contacted for further comment, over exactly how rain water was ‘illegally diverted’.