Some Queensland students to return to school today, as restrictions ease

Queenslanders are being reminded that school zones are now in place around the state, as some year levels return to school today.

Prep, Year 1, Year 11 and 12 students will be welcomed back to classrooms today, following the easing of stay-at-home restrictions.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie says that while school zones have been in effect while children of frontline staff were at school, many drivers may be out of practice travelling through those areas.


“Due to COVID-19 restrictions we’ve become used to our roads being a little quieter, but with many students returning it was a timely reminder 40km/h zones were enforceable around schools.

“School zones are always high risk areas, so it’s crucial motorists are alert, prepared for anything and always abide by the reduced speed limit between 7-9am and 2-4pm on weekdays.

“Police will be out and checking speeds, so please be patient and don’t risk a fine, or worse, a crash,” Ms Ritchie said.

Parents are also being reminded that traffic will likely be busier around schools as well.

“Kids don’t have the same spacial awareness we have as adults, and learning about how to safely cross the roads takes time to learn.

“To ensure children don’t step into the path of a car, we encourage kids to enter or exit the car using the ‘safety door’, which is the door closest to the kerbside.

“And please, never call your children to the car from across the road, it’s always much safer to cross the road to meet them,” Ms Ritchie said.

Queensland’s Transport Minister Mark Bailey has echoed the message as well, urging all motorists to ‘look after our kids’.

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