“Someone else could have been responsible” for murder of schoolgirl Charlise Mutten

New claims have emerged over the murder of Gold Coast school girl Charlise Mutten after the case was mentioned in a NSW court yesterday.

Justin Stein is charged with the murder of his fiancé’s nine-year-old daughter back in January 2022, when her body was discovered in a barrel in the Blue Mountains.

Stein didn’t appear in court yesterday when the case was mentioned but he’s been remanded in custody with the case to return to court in May.


His lawyer, Peter Katsoolis, spoke briefly after the case, raising concerns over the lack of a post-mortem report in the brief.

“There’s no clear motive,” Mr Katsoolis told reporters late Friday.

“We’re being served a brief for the first time this afternoon, it’s substantial, it’s about 4,000 pages.

“But there’s no post-mortem report and in our view, that is going to be critical.

He also suggested that “someone else could have been responsible for the homicide.”

The case returns to court on May 20.

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