Son and step-sister shot parents dead before eating their bodies as revenge for sexual abuse

WARNING  – Some may find the details in this story confronting.

A young man and his step-sister lover have admitted to horrifically murdering their parents and eating their flesh as revenge for years of sexual abuse.

Leandro Acosta, 25, and his step-sister Karen Klein, 22, who have been lovers for six years, confessed  to shooting their parents at their Buenos Aires home before burning their bodies.


The Daily Mail reports Acosta shot his step-father Ricardo Klein, 54, in the head while he slept, before he got “sexually aroused” and began violating his dead body.

His mother Miryam Kowalczuk, 52 walked in on the gruesome attack and he shot her too, claiming “She was a whore and a drunkard, I did justice my way.”

The pair later cooked their dead father’s flesh and ate it, stating that it tasted like “like pork, a tad salty but delicious.”

The chilling crime was only discovered when police found part of the pelvic bone of their mother in a bucket in their home.