Son of slain Crows coach in court today

UPDATE @ 20 December, 10:40am:

Cy Walsh will spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric institution for the murder of his father, former Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh.



The 27-year-old was found not guilty of murder in September when a court deemed him mentally incompetent.

Justice Anne Brampton today formally handed Mr Walsh a supervision order for life.

EARLIER @ 20 December, 07:22am:

The son of former Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh, Cy Walsh, is set to face court for the first time since he was found not guilty of murdering his father.

In September a Supreme Court deemed Cy was mentally incompetent when he fatally stabbed his father 20 times at the family home in Adelaide in July last year.


It was ruled the 27-year-old was suffering a psychotic episode as a result of undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Court documents revealed he heard voices he believed were from another dimension and believed his father was the devil.

His heartbroken mother Meredith says she will continue to love and support her son.

Cy will appear in the Supreme Court today for submissions, and the hearing will likely discuss ongoing treatment and psychiatric care.