Sonia Kruger - BB 2021

Sonia Kruger dishes the dirt on the cast of Big Brother 2021

Big Brother is back and bigger than ever in 2021.

Channel 7 Host Sonia Kruger joined Hot Tomato breakfast team Galey, Emily Jade & Christo this morning and dished on the ones to watch in this new-look season.

There’s more than meets the eye this year in the Big Brother house, as some familiar faces grace our screens.


TV presenter and media personality, Sonia Kruger said, “we do have a few interesting people coming on.”

“The Naked Magician, he is from the GC.”

Christopher Wayne, 37, has travelled the world as a magician and stand-up comedian, most famously performing on the Las Vegas strip. There’s no doubt he has some tricks up his sleeve.

“Lilian, otherwise known as Flex Mami, she has a bit of a following too from a social media perspective,” said Sonia.

Taking out the 2020 E! People’s Choice Award for Australian Social Star of the Year, Lilian Ahenkan, aka Flex Mami has already acquired a generous 138,000 following, which may edge her closer to the 2021 Big Brother title.

“What you see is never what you get,” she said.

“We’ve got Daniel (48) the real estate agent who you think is always going to be doing deals and doing what real estate agents do, but he also has this loveable weirdness about him. He makes friends with Nick, and they’re almost like Laurel and Hardy. It’s so strange,” Sonia told the radio hosts.

“Then you’ve got SJ (Sarah Jane Adams) who is 65, but the coolest 65-year-old you’ll ever meet… She’s amazing! Everything she does, her style is just everything I want to be – laid back, Adidas, channeling Jamiroquai from the 90s vibe.”

Caffeine fiend, Carlos Castro (39), may struggle in the house having to detox from his standard 14 cups of coffee a day.

“Carlos, he’s from Columbia, what a way to go cold Turkey. They are on rations and it’s not easy at all!” said Kruger.

Tilly is also another one to watch quips Kruger, who the presenter compares to Cher from Clueless.

“You look at Tilly and you think she is pretty and she’s blonde, but she’s actually book smart. She calls herself street dumb but book smart and she plays the game quite incredibly,” she said.

“This girl, she goes in there and she just plays people. It’s really interesting to see who’s good at the game and who isn’t because now you really have to employ quite a bit of strategy.”

After five years hosting Big Brother, Sonia Kruger imparts her wisdom and personal game plan with Galey, Emily Jade & Christo.

“I would take in food… and use that food as leverage to never ever be nominated… especially things like treats because they never get those. They’re essentially living off tuna and oatmeal, it’s just bland and boring.”

Big Brother starts on Monday April 16 on Channel 7. Take a listen to Galey, Emily Jade & Christo’s full interview with Big Brother Australia host Sonia Kruger for an insight into the new and improved season.