How Sophie Monk made bogans cool

Why is bogan considered a bad term? I mean, is it even a derogatory phrase anymore?

A recent conversation with some mates got me thinking about this. I think bogans might be truly cool. And I think we might have Sophie Monk to thank for that.

“What is the most bogan thing you’ve done recently?” my friend asked.


We all shared our recent moments of bogan glory. Doing a maccas run at night wearing your PJs; going to the servo in your uggies or slippers; swearing in general conversation; drinking beer before midday; noticing that your kids call other drivers morons, because you have bouts of calm-ish road rage on a daily basis.

These situations all rated highly on our Boganometer.

But the more we shared our bogan stories, the more we realised they were, by and large, indicators of awesome. And maybe, just maybe, tossing around the term “bogan” as an insult has lost some of its power, because it’s no longer considered a derogatory term?

Our conversation naturally rolled around to Sophie Monk, who is just about the highest profile bogan I can think of right now.

Australia loves her, and for good reason – she’s gorgeous, genuine, good-natured, caring… she’s the full package. She looks a million bucks, but isn’t afraid to say what she really means (with colourful swearing for punctuation, when needed). What’s not to love about that?

Yes, look, there is the issue of names. Their parents may have taken a few liberties when choosing their monikers. Perhaps they spell their name with an extra e or a double i. Maybe their folks went the full phonetical route, and switched up the spelling to Jazzmyn, Tiffini or Macsyne (Maxine – true story).

But that’s hardly a criminal offence, is it?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a bogan, I think of someone who is very genuine, with a salt of the earth personality and a good, upstanding character. They might be a little rough around the edges, but they have a heart of gold.

When you consider it that way, bogan could just as easily be a synonym for the word ‘Australian’!