Sophie Monk saved celebrity from overdose

GOLD Coast celebrity Sophie Monk has opened up about her crazy life in Hollywood, including saving a star from dying of an overdose.

While chatting with Show and Tell, the singer/actress revealed she was at a party in LA when introduced to a high-profile celebrity and quickly realized she had had “too much of something”.

“She starts convulsing like crazy and all her best friends, everyone left the party. I mean everyone within five minutes left that party thinking that they were going to get in trouble.”


“They stripped her off naked, ran a shower and left her in it and left her in the bathroom naked and everyone left.”

“I didn’t know her and I just said: “I am not leaving.” I found a dressing gown in a closet, covered her and called an ambulance. She was like – foam coming out her mouth, they had to strap her down, she would have died easy – I’ve saved like two celebrities doing that.”

Monk also admitted to being offered to do a sex tape.

“It’s not me, everyone knows it’s not me – also I’m a dud in bed so I’m going to just be lying there – it’s no good.”