“Sorry to be such a Big Birden”: Thieves return Big Bird costume with apology note

A bit of a laugh for South Australian authorities, and relief for a local circus, after a stolen Big Bird costume was returned with an apology note.

The massive yellow Big Bird costume, said to be worth around $160,000, is believed to have been stolen from a Circus at Thebarton overnight on Sunday.

It sparked a major search and making news headlines nationwide.


However, South Australian police say they were called to Port Road just before 5.00 am today, after two males in dark clothes were spotted with the costume.

They then dumped it near the south/western end of the circus before fleeing.

Officers found a letter in the beak of the costume, where the thieves apologised for being a ‘big birden’.

“We had no idea what we were doing, or what our actions would cause.

“We were just having a rough time and were trying to cheer ourselves up,” the note read.

Police say the costume appears to be intact and has been returned to the circus, but they haven’t been able to track down the two men.

“The investigation into the theft which occurred sometime overnight between Sunday afternoon 18 April and Monday morning 19 April is continuing,” an update read.

“The suspects if apprehended could face one count of theft… two counts of theft…”