South Australia to open borders to New South Wales

South Australia will open its border to New South Wales residents for the first time in months.

Premier Steven Marshall confirmed on Tuesday the state’s Transition Committee has agreed to reopen the border from Thursday provided there was no more community transmission reported up until midnight tonight.

“They (the committee) were furnished with all necessary information from NSW to make the decision,” Mr Marshall said.


“Our borders have been the front line of our defence and have served us well. They enabled us to open up our economy and get tens of thousands of people black to work but because of the reduced risk in NSW, it’s time for us to open up our borders.”

There had been concerns about a locally-acquired case involving a taxi driver who worked while infectious in Sydney and had visited the NSW south coast.

However, the Premier said the time had come to make the call.

“SA Health has all the necessary information with regard to that case over the weekend,” Marshall said.

“The advice is that this is the right decision.”

Mr Marshall said it was good news for both residents and businesses, who have been struggling with the border closures.

“This will be massive relief for people dislocated from family, friends and business opportunities,” he said.

“We know this has been a massive burden on the business community, families and individuals but we did this to keep people safe.”