South Australian town under threat after dam bursts

A SMALL town near Adelaide in storm-ravaged South Australia has been warned to prepare for the possibility of major flooding after a local dam wall failed.

The State Emergency Service said a dam had burst north of the Greenock township, which is located around 66 kilometres outside of Adelaide.

It is feared water from the dam may cause flooding of properties and roads in the town.


The SES has urged the town’s 800 residents to “closely monitor local conditions for the risk of flooding”.

“Floodwaters may rise rapidly and are likely to be fast moving,” the SES said in a Flood Emergency Warning issued on Thursday afternoon.

Residents in the warning zone have been urged to move items of value to a safe place and consider whether or not they should evacuate their homes.

“If your plan is to leave or you are not prepared, you should consider leaving now,” the warning reads.

“Only leave if you are certain that the path is clear to a safer place.

“You should never walk, ride or drive through floodwaters or allow children to play in or around floodwaters.”

For SES assistance during floods, call 132 500. If the matter is life threatening, phone triple zero (000).