South Australia’s coronavirus cluster grows to 17

17 coronavirus cases now linked to a growing coronavirus cluster in South Australia.

Just as the country reached a week of no new community transmission, a new case popped up in Adelaide.

As a result, a number of infections have been confirmed over the weekend.


South Australia’s Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier has confirmed on ABC this morning that there are now 17 active infections.

It’s understood the cluster was sparked by a return overseas traveller who was in hotel quarantine.

But officials are yet to figure out exactly how the virus escaped the medi-hotel, and are still waiting on genomic testing to properly track it.

15 of the 17 cases are part of the same family, with the other two linked to the family.

The outbreak has already caused Western Australia to close it’s borders to South Australia, only one day after announcing they would reopen to them.

While the outbreak may cause South Australia to pause their international arrivals.