Southeast Queensland lashed by more than one million lightning bolts

SOUTHEAST Queensland has been lashed by around 10 times more lightning bolts in the first week of summer than it was during the same time last year.

The death of an American tourist on the top of Mount Warning on Tuesday was followed by a five-year-old boy at Tallai getting a shock while he was touching a tap inside his home yesterday.

Four people were also checked after their unit block was struck at Miami yesterday in a storm which generated 21,000 lightning strikes.


Justin Coomber from Energex said there’s been an astounding increase this year.

“We’ve seen more than a million lighting strikes in the first week of summer this year,” he told MyGC.

“In the same week last year we had one tenth of that amount, so we only had about 128,000 lightning strikes for this time of year in south east Queensland, compared to the million plus we’ve had this year, which is quite amazing.”

Mr Coomber said staying safe after a storm passes is critical.

“Fallen power lines may be hidden under branches and vegitation or debris, even under water, so we ask people if they see any type of wire dangling off an overhead power pole to treat it as live.

“Whatever you do, don’t pick up a fallen power line, pick up the phone and call us on 13-19-62.”