Gold Coast lashed by 76km/h winds as ‘southerly buster’ surges north

UPDATE: PARTS of the Gold Coast are being lashed by almost 80km/h winds tonight as a strong southerly wind change surges up the coast.

At 4.51pm, the ‘southerly buster’ slammed into the Gold Coast Seaway with a 61km/h wind gust and it’s being blowing a gale since.

Karin Adam snapped this roll cloud over Burleigh as the change swept through.


At 7pm, winds were still gusting at 76km/h with sustained winds of 57km/h.

Kay Evans watched on in shock as a houseboat on the Broadwater at Labrador was tossed about in the blustery winds.

“I just watched an un-anchored houseboat blow away down the Broadwater,” she said. “It went from opposite channel to Charis Seafoods in less than three minutes and nearly took out a sailboat.”

“I don’t know where it ended up, I lost sight of it.”

Winds are expected to ease back to around 25-30km/h overnight.

Mild temperatures are expected for the remainder of the week, with the mercury set to only reach 24C on the Gold Coast tomorrow.

EARLIER: A STRONG southerly wind change is sweeping up the Coast from the south, bringing with it cooler temperatures and the chance of a shower or two.

It was a warm day, with temperatures peaking at 28.7C on the beach, but it’s going to get rather cool rather quickly this evening.

The crew over at South Brisbane Storms on Facebook said they expected the ‘southerly buster’ to surge through Tweed Heads and Coolangatta over the next hour, before enveloping the rest of the Gold Coast by 7pm.

Temperatures have already dropped in some areas, with the mercury sitting at a cool 22C in Surfers Paradise.

“It’s nicely defined on the satellite image here so it will be interesting to see how it looks as it rides up the coast,” a South Brisbane Storms spokesperson said.

“Sometimes these ‘southerly busters’ are quite photogenic, so any of you guys on the Gold Coast might wanna take a look to the south between now and sunset.”

At 5pm, a 60km/h wind gust was recorded at the Gold Coast Seaway and there were reports it was “blowing a gale” on the Tweed.

A much cooler, partly cloudy day is forecast tomorrow, with daytime temperatures expected to peak around 24C across the coast.

PICTURE: Karin Adam