Southern ‘bubble checkpoint’ suggested by Tweed Council

The Tweed Heads Council has agreed to write to both the Queensland and New South Wales Premiers, with a list of suggestions that would help out the community within the border bubble.

It comes after weeks of controversy over the new arrangements, which were brought in when the whole of New South Wales was considered a hot spot by Queensland.

A ‘border bubble’ zone was established to ensure that Tweed and Gold Coast residents could travel freely within their communities, but it limits those travellers from going outside of the bubble area.


The Tweed Council has now decided that in light of Queensland hinting that borders could be closed until Christmas, they have a list of suggestions that would make the bubble more sustainable for the Tweed for that time.

Mayor Katie Milne has thanked the Premiers for their assistance so far, but there are other issues that need to be addressed.

“We understand the reason for the Queensland Premier’s border controls and are thankful that the whole of the Tweed Shire (with the recent inclusion of Tweed residents in the 2483 postcode) has now been included in the border bubble.

“However, we have been inundated by residents and businesses getting in touch explaining how the restrictions are negatively impacting their lives and livelihoods.

“We know Queensland will want to be confident of the integrity of an expanded border bubble so we are requesting that the NSW Premier considers imposing intrastate travel restrictions to the border zone areas and establishing a Northern Rivers bubble checkpoint.

“We are also asking for financial support from the NSW Government for businesses and residents who have been negatively impacted more than others in our State by the border closure,” Cr Milne said.

The full list of demands is below.

1 – Queensland considers amending the current style of restrictions to revert to the restrictions that were originally in place from March to July.
2 – The current NSW and Queensland border bubble be extended to the southern border of Ballina Shire, NSW to encompass this critical economic zone.
3 – The current NSW and Queensland border bubble be extended to north of Brisbane.
4 – That critical workers from Queensland outside the bubble areas be allowed into the NSW bubble areas, in-line with the current allowance for critical workers from NSW being allowed to service Queensland.
5 – That the NSW Premier imposes intrastate travel restrictions to the border bubble areas, or at least from any NSW COVID-19 hotspot clusters, to protect rural and regional areas such as the Tweed Shire, maintain the integrity of the border bubble and give confidence to Queensland.
6 – NSW commits resources to operate a Northern Rivers bubble checkpoint.
7 – Consideration be given to providing increased specialist medical services to be provided in the area for northern NSW residents no longer able to be cared for in Queensland.
8 – NSW assists residents with financial support to quarantine in Queensland if required for essential medical, work or other purposes.
9 – Further financial support is provided for NSW residents and businesses negatively impacted by the border closures.
10 – Queensland provides greater flexibility for compassionate grounds for NSW residents to be with their families in Queensland.

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Absolutely not – Queensland is for Queenslanders – as the premier said our hospitals are for our people – Queensland Citizens and last time I checked our state border ends at Coolangatta.

Unless northern NSW residents start paying tax towards our QLD government then no – we will keep the borders shut – thank you very much

Get over yourself. I live in NSW and I worked in Qld for 3 years. My fuel, my groceries etc were all bought in Qld My husband still works in Qld. Northern NSW residents contribute a lot more to Qld than what you think. Including taxes. If you feel that strong against us then I hope it goes both ways and you dont visit us. At least now you can get a decent car park in Byron and not flooded with Qld plates

Why does queensland always feel like they need to be superior to everyone, nsw is the “worst performing state” but atleast nsw arent the worst state for personalities

and 20% of all in patients at Tweed Hospital last year were from Queensland so get over yourself!

Well now you have a Cluster to Deal with in your over protected State of Qld. It just shows it can happen anywhere anytime.
I’m surprised you haven’t blamed us Southerners! !!!
Get off your high horse and your head out of the sand and s*** it up b***ercup 😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎

Kylie simple there are 1000 people per km residing in gold coast region that doesn’t include visitors
Tweed shire has .064 residents per 1 square km
So Kylie when we cross to qld to work were at more risk
And what is a queenslander anyway you’ve got as many foreigners with Aussie passports and not living and be counted your a laugh