Southport inferno raged all night due to heaps of tyres on property

Fire investigators will return to the scene of a massive house fire in Southport, which crews took several hours to get under control.

It broke out at a property along Lilli Pilli Drive around 6.00 pm, with at least six fire trucks called to the scene to try and battle it.

That included an aerial truck that attacked the inferno from the roof down.


A spokesperson has confirmed to myGC that there were a large number of tyres at the site which fueled the blaze and created a lot of smoke.

The fire was dying down around 11.30 pm, but emergency services were still using nearby residents to keep their doors and windows shut through the night due to the high volume of smoke in the area.

Everyone managed to get out of the home, including the family dog.

Paramedics did take one person to the hospital with an ankle injury and assessed another person at the scene who declined transport. Ambulance crews remained on standby throughout the night.

Investigators will return to the scene today to determine exactly what went wrong.