Southport Private Hospital commits $8 million to improve mental health services

Southport Private Hospital has today announced that it will spend $8 million to expand its mental health services for Gold Coasters.

Construction is currently underway at the hospital to double the number of beds from 24 to 48 in the mental health care unit.

In addition to the extra beds, Southport Private Hospital will also add a range of new speciality care services for people seeking treatment for addiction, post-natal depression, eating and anxiety disorders.


It’s understood the expansion will include a space for group therapy, art and music therapy, a gym and a sensory modulation area which is an environmentally controlled space to reduce levels of distress.

“The sensory modulation area within the new mental health facility will have low level lighting, and strategic sight, sounds, smells, movement and items such as weighted blankets and massage chairs to complement existing therapies and further reduce stress and anxiety,” Southport Private Hospital Executive Officer Athol Webb said.

Since opening its doors in 2017, Mr Webb said the demand for mental health and rehabilitation services has continued to grow.

“We are very excited about this extra capacity which will allow us to continue to provide care for all those who need specialist intervention and assistance,” Mr Webb said.

“The additional beds and therapy areas will enhance our current services to meet increasing demand to deliver contemporary, evidence-based practice.”

Additional psychiatrists will also join the team to cater to the specific needs of patients and to help with the roll-out of new targeted treatments.

The expansion works are expected to be completed by February 2020.