Spare a thought, and some space, for the lonely this Easter long weekend

EASTER, like Christmas, is a time for celebration, days spent with friends and family, and having the space to invest in a variety of relationships in our lives.

But renowned Gold Coast Relationships and Networking Expert Janet Culpitt is urging us to spare a thought, and some space, for people experiencing loneliness this Easter.

“Worldwide studies confirm loneliness is becoming an epidemic,” Ms Culpitt said.

“The reality is that for many Australians, from all walks of life, loneliness can be a part of their everyday experience – a feeling made all the more real when it comes to a celebration like Easter.

“It’s crucial that we all take the time to properly connect with the people around us this long weekend, and, where possible, go out of our way to help those most in need in our community.

“I’ve made a list of five ways we can commit to connecting this long weekend – perhaps they’ll inspire you, too.”

  • Phones down, connections up.

Spending less time on our phones glued to social media means more time for genuine conversations and connections. Declaring Easter lunch, or the everyday dinner table, a technology-free zone is a great way to foster relationships.

  • Look along the way.

Easter is a busy time. Whether it’s family visiting, lunch and dinner hosting or a mini getaway – we have to plan and prepare. Try to create space in your schedule to look, listen and connect with people while you conduct your errands – the supermarket staff, local butcher, newsagent or friends along the way.

  • Take time to listen.

Have you lost the art of truly listening? Taking the time to engage in meaningful conversation with friends and family – and truly sitting down to listen – creates long-term, inspirational, helpful relationships. Make it a focus to listen more over the long weekend.

  • Pay it forward.

There’s no time like Easter to pay it forward – to go out of your way to do something special for someone else. Why not make it a goal to give back to a member of your community that may need some extra attention at this time of year?

  • Extend an invitation.

If you know someone in your community who will be alone this Easter weekend – extend an invitation. Invite them for coffee, to a family gathering, out to lunch, and to spend some quality time with you. It could be one of the best things that’s happened to them all year.

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