Spectacular Jewel display centre opens in the heart of Surfers Paradise

Wanda Ridong (Gold Coast) Development has lifted the covers off its stunning Jewel Immersive Experience Centre this week, following an exclusive invitation-only gala in the heart of Surfers Paradise on Wednesday night.

The new, multi-million dollar centre will serve as both a point of contact for potential investors in Jewel, as well as a place where they can sample the luxury, views and atmosphere of their future home through a combination of display fittings and interactive, computer-generated imagery.

jewel display 1 728x350


Jewel Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Bampton, said because Jewel was an investment-led development, construction on the 130-metre wide beach-front site has already begun without the need for pre-sales commitments.

“While this early start to the work gives investors a great level of confidence in the project, it also meant we had to think outside the square when it came to a sales and experience centre,” Mr Bampton said.

“So instead of a site sales office, we have come right to the heart of Surfers Paradise to create a facility that will capture the imaginations of Jewel’s future owners, investors and neighbours on the Gold Coast.

“While there are elements of a traditional sales centre, such as the fully equipped kitchens or bedrooms, this immersive experience is much more than simply a display showroom.

“The centre showcases the stunning Jewel architecture and luxury fittings, and allows visitors to see, touch and absorb the beauty of Jewel and its environment from the inside out.

jewel display 2 728x350

“An interactive model of Jewel’s three stunning crystalline towers allows visitors to use the experience centre to explore each and every apartment in the development.  You can examine the floor plans, call up artists impressions of the interiors, and even take in the view in each direction from each level.

“We have sought with this centre to recreate, as far as possible, the experience of luxury living right on the Gold Coast’s world famous beachfront.”

Mr Bampton predicted the Jewel Immersive Experience would set a new standard for the Australian development industry in showcasing residential property to potential investors.

“Just as Jewel’s unique and inspiring architecture will make the development instantly recognisable and highly sought after, so too will the Jewel experience capture a unique place the history of real estate development in Australia.”

When completed in 2018, Jewel will become Australia’s largest hotel and residential complex.