Speed awareness devices to be relocated across Gold Coast

Signs that light up with a smiley face when motorists follow the speed limit are continuing to be relocated on notorious Gold Coast roads in a bid to deter drivers from speeding.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates took to Facebook overnight to reveal Council will now be rotating the ‘Smiley Face Speed Awareness Devices’ to trouble spots across the city every 10 weeks.

“We continually receive requests for the placement of ‘Drive Safe’ community speed awareness signage, which has proven to reduce driver speeds,” Cr Gates wrote.


“In an effort to achieve the greatest possible benefit from these devices, in future they will be rotated to trouble spots every 10 weeks.”

The signs, which also light up with a sad face when motorists fail to follow the speed limit, have been praised by Gold Coast residents.

“They have certainly helped reduce speed in our area, a great reminder to slow down and less need for RPC to be called. The last blitz cost a few drives a lot and these signs reinforce that we won’t tolerate speed on our roads,” one person commented.

“I actually love these signs, I love the smile, they make me smile we need them on all speed limits,” wrote another.

The next locations for deployment of the signs between now and August are as follows:

1. Old Coach Road
2. Reserve Road
3. Rose Valley Drive

4. Riverstone Crossing

5. Foxwell Road
6. Yaun Street
7. Oakey Creek Road

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Yes good for those who care , but there are a lot that don’t.
Maybe see how many angry faces recorded and if warranted replace with a speed camera or regular police patrols.
Just before and after school hours seem to be totally ignored in our area of Reedy Creek.
Slow down stupid.