Speed overhaul on Gold Coast waterways

THE biggest overhaul of speed and behaviour on our waterways in more than a decade is underway.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Chairman Gary Baildon said it was clear speed and behaviour was an issue requiring attention.

“We consulted with residents, businesses and visitors of the Gold Coast … and one of the key outcomes of that consultation was the identification of speed and behaviour as an extremely important issue,” said Mr Baildon.


The Speed Limit Review includes a discussion paper and an online survey and today, an interactive map was launched on the Authority’s website which allows respondents to provide suggestions and comments about changes to specific areas of the waterways.

Authority CEO Hal Morris said the interactive map is a valuable tool in gathering feedback and an excellent way for those completing the survey to see what others think as well.

“Respondents may want to make suggestions about specific locations including; increase or decrease in speed limits, modified speed limits, restricting types of craft or times of operation, or increasing enforcement effort,” said Mr Morris.

“They can do all that on the interactive map as well as be able to view an anonymous summary of other suggestions for that area.”

The 10 year Waterways Management Strategy was released in March by Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Scott Emerson and sets out the Authority’s objectives to sustain, enhance and promote the waterways.

The discussion paper, online survey and interactive map can be accessed on the Authority’s website at www.gcwa.qld.gov.au

Community consultation will run until mid-July.