Speeding drivers targetted on the M-1

LEADFOOT drivers across the Gold Coast have been targeted in a police operation in constructions zones on the Pacific Motorway.

The Bulletin reveals drivers are being slugged at least $60,000 every four hours by state-of-the-art speed guns through the road works from Robina to Worongary.

Most drivers caught by the new blitz won’t even realise until the infringement notice arrives in the mail in coming days.


It’s estimated 70,000 vehicles pass through the construction zones everyday, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a week for the State Government.

The figures, showing more than 100 drivers an hour are busted exceeding the reduced limits, have stunned police.

However, speeding isn’t the only issue being reported, with some motorists claiming they’ve been tailgated by other drivers to force them to drive faster through the slower zones.