Spike the Rhino to improve tram safety on the Gold Coast

Did you know a Gold Coast tram weighs as much as 40 rhinos?

Now imagine a herd of 40 rhinos on skateboards cruising through the middle of the Gold Coast. And imagine stepping out right in front of them.

“Trams have been running for just over a year now and there have been a number of incidents as a result of drivers or pedestrians being careless around the trams”. KDR Gold Coast CEO Campbell Mason said.


“So G:link is bringing Spike the rhino from Melbourne’s famous tram network up to the Gold Coast to encourage people to stay alert when walking or driving around trams”.

KDR Gold Coast, the contracted operator for the G:link light rail system, is extending the reach of Spike the Rhino, which has become synonymous with tram safety in Melbourne, to help spread the word about trams on the Gold Coast.


Mr Mason says “The rhino metaphor illustrates the potential risks that those familiar with the trams may have forgotten and we thought the start of Rail Safety Week was the right time to launch Spike on the Gold Coast”.

“As the G:link operator our aim is for zero incidents so even one is too many for us that’s that is why this types of safety awareness campaign is important”.

This latest safety campaign calls on pedestrians and drivers alike to be safe around trams including simple tips like always using designated crossings around the light rail, and never walk along the tracks.

GoldLinQ’s Communications Director, Jason Ward said, “We have been reminding people from the start of our testing phase in August 2013 that road rules have not changed with the introduction of trams”.

“But due to their introduction it is more important than ever to know and obey all road rules so everyone can stay safe on the roads around trams”.

Safety tips for drivers highlight important rules and behaviours including:
– Only performing U-turns at signalised intersections with the U-turn permitted sign
– Keeping the tracks clear. This includes when queueing across and intersection
– Only driving over the tracks where directed to do so (e.g. at intersections). Tracks are for trams.
– Looking over your shoulder before crossing the tracks. Trams may be approaching from behind..