Spring Into Summer Hair-Free & Fabulous!

Spring has sprung! There are so many reasons to love spring – there’s flowers everywhere, the days start getting longer again, the weather starts warming up, and there’s still a minor chill in the breeze to keep us cool. And of course, it means that summer is just around the corner.

September is the first month where we start to think more about what we want to do when the weather is warm. On the Gold Coast, it’s still a little too cool to be jumping in pools and the ocean, but it’s perfect for getting outdoors, or preparing ourselves for those warmer days ahead. It’s also the ideal time to get started on laser hair removal!

If you’ve been thinking about getting laser hair reduction, starting the process in spring is a great option. According to the team at Clear Skincare Clinics, spring is still cool enough to be wearing lightweight pants and shirts as you prep for the summer months where dresses and singlets are more the norm in Queensland.

Here are some of their main reasons why you should start your process now, before summer hits.

You Need To Have Hair
When you get laser hair removal, you need to have hair follicles present. That means, you can’t be waxing for a few weeks before you start your treatment. While the weather is still cooler, take advantage of still being able to comfortably wear lightweight pants and t-shirts to hide your hair growth until you can book in for a session.

It Takes Time
The process of hair removal takes time. In fact, it can take a few sessions, over a period of weeks and months, for you to be completely hair-free. The earlier in the year you can start your treatment, the more chance you will have of it being completed before the weather gets too warm to cover up.

You Can Avoid The Sun
When you have laser hair removal, you need to avoid sun exposure for two weeks before and two weeks after your treatment. This is much easier to do during the cooler months. If you do expose your skin to the sun prior to and during treatment, you risk inaccurate laser settings, and over-exposure to heat – resulting in skin damage such as pigmentation.

Sweat Isn’t Good For Removal
Not only do you need to avoid the sun for your treatment to work effectively, you also need to avoid sweating. No excessive gym sessions, spas or swimming, and given how hot it can get in summer on the GC, no sitting on the beach all day in the heat.

Hide The Side Effects
Although they aren’t generally severe, you may experience short term side effects with your treatment, including redness and swelling after a session. Usually these side effects are gone within 24 hours but keeping them covered up will help the recovery (and you won’t need to explain your change in skin tone to anyone else).

Start your laser hair removal journey today. Clear Skincare Clinics have two Gold Coast locations for your convenience. Get in touch to find out more or to make a booking to start your ultimate summer preparation.