Squat toilets could end “Australian way of life”

Every time I read a headline or watch a story about Donald Trump, I feel a familiar mix of disgust and smugness.

Disgust, for obvious reasons – he’s a violent, racist misogynist with delusions of grandeur.

And smug, because he’s oh so far away in the ol’ United States of America, and nothing he says or does is really of much significance to us down here in backwards Australia.


Until the Federal election in July – when, inexplicably, we got lumped with Pauline.

Pauline Ignorant Racist Hanson, lighting up our news feeds with one dumb comment after the next.

Her latest rant is over something that is so much of a non-issue, I can hardly bare to write this column. That issue is… wait for it… squat toilets.

Something you have given so little thought to in your life, you probably don’t even know they exist.

In a nutshell, they are a style of toilet favoured in many Asian countries that allow users to squat over the toilet rather than sit on a seat. When you think about it, they’re actually more hygienic than the idea of sitting on a warm seat that hundreds of strangers have used before you…

Pauline, however, is outraged. So are many, many of her followers, according to her Facebook comments.

It’s all because the ATO is planning to install squat toilets in their headquarters, as over 20% of their workforce is from a non-English speaking background.

And Pauline is having none of it.

“It starts with toilets,” she says ominously, “and ends with costing us our Australian way of life.”

myGC reader Wendy wrote in and shared her view as “a white anglo-saxon female”. Her views sum up my own so clearly that I’m going to let her have the final word.

“Cudos to the ATO in Box Hill, Victoria. I think it would be entirely sensible to have a squat toilet in every public toilet block in Australia. They are much more hygienic than western toilets and physiologically better for the body,” Wendy says.

“Are we really such bogans here on the Gold Coast? In this multicultural society, and Australia being part of Asia, there should be a choice… Don’t let Pauline get away with her ignorant view of the world.”