SQUEAL! One of our favourite ’90s toys is making a BIG comeback

Get excited nineties kids, because the original Polly Pockets are making a comeback!

Mattel announced they were bringing back the iconic Polly Pocket compact in a post on their official Instagram account.

“Who ever said the 90s were over – talk to the hand. Bring on the high-top sneakers, the denim on denim, and our totally tiny friend. #PollyPocket” Mattel wrote alongside a video of the revived toys.


As expected, fans have gone a little cray over the news.

“Amazing! I loved these toys when I was little! My girls will be thrilled ❤❤” one person wrote.

“Is it ok that I’m almost 30 and ready to buy the new Polly pocket?” commented another.

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The much-loved pocket-sized doll compacts were originally launched in the late 80s but were discontinued in 1998.

The new dolls are set to be released in the US this July, but it’s not yet known when they’ll be hitting shelves in Australia.

Let’s just hope it’s sometime soon because my niece *cough, me* can’t wait any longer.