Staff, students ‘heartbroken’ after Agriculture animals mauled to death at Gold Coast school

TWO bull arab dogs suspected of mauling almost 20 animals to death at a school on the northern Gold Coast have been impounded by City Council.

The dogs are said to have found their way into an Agricultural enclosure at Livingstone Christian College in Ormeau and killed 17 sheep and goats during the early hours of Thursday morning.

It’s understood staff discovered the horrific scene shortly before school was supposed to start.


In a post on the school’s Facebook Page, Principal Mark Laraghy said “many” of their animals had either been killed or injured in the attack.

“We have been left with two sheep, a ram and one goat out of about 20 animals,” Mr Laraghy said.

“We brought two vets on-site to help us work through this situation. The council have located the dogs and are dealing with this beyond the school.”

It’s understood staff and students have been left heartbroken after learning of the devastating news.

“Students who have been hurting and grieving have been engaging with chaplains and staff,” Mr Laraghy said.

“We have shared basic facts with Secondary students but are leaving it to each family how they will discuss this with Primary children.”

Division 1 Councillor and Deputy Mayor Donna Gates said it was “a terrible day” and said counselling was being offered to affected students and staff.

“It’s an incredibly sad day, not just for the students, the teachers, the parents — but the wider community,” Cr Gates said.

“It must have been a horrific scene, and my heart goes out to the entire school community.

“I believe the staff did an absolutely incredible job in getting the whole area ready for students to arrive at school this morning so that they were protected.”

The horrific attack is believed to have been caught on CCTV.

Cr Gates said two dogs believed to be responsible for the mauling, described as Bull Arab-cross breeds, had been captured by council rangers and said their owners have since reached out to the school.

The Deputy Mayor said the animals killed in the attack were part of the school’s agricultural program and had been showcased at the Ekka.

She said the fate of the dogs would be decided once the investigation is complete.