Staffer sacked, Canberra engulfed in fresh scandal

The Prime Minister says he will have more to say on the culture at Parliament house after more horrid allegations emerged overnight.

A Coalition staffer has been sacked for performing a lewd sex act inside a federal MP’s office, which was caught on video that showed on Channel 10 last night.

It’s understood up to four staff members were involved in a number of lewd acts which were caught on video, however, their identities were concealed.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison was quick to strongly condemn the behaviour.

“The people who come to work in this building are better than this,” he said.

“The actions of these individuals show a staggering disrespect for the people who work in parliament, and for the ideals the parliament is supposed to represent.

“I will have more to say on this and the cultural issues we confront as a parliament in coming days,” Mr Morrison said.

It’s understood one of the staffers at the centre of the allegations has already been identified and sacked.

The identity of the other staffers is anonymous for now, but Finance Minister Simon Birmingham has reportedly reached out to Channel 10 for the whistleblower to name the staff.

“Amongst a small number, there is clearly a disgusting and unacceptable culture, and we have to weed it out,” Senator Birmingham told the ABC this morning.

“One employee was dismissed last night, and if others are identified as being engaged in similar activity, they will be dismissed as well.”