Stage 3 of Gold Coast light rail back on track but at a huge cost

The state and federal governments have been forced to cough up millions more in funding to get the stalled light rail extension to Burleigh up and running.

Construction on stage three of the project should have already started by now but a contract still hasn’t been signed with the builders.

The original cost of the Burleigh extension was estimated to be $709 million, but it has now blown out to around $1 billion.


The federal government will dip into its pocket with an extra $126.6 million with the money to be set aside in next week’s budget.

Council’s commitment will remain at $91.5 million with the state forced to make up the rest.

Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher says the extra funding for Stage 3 would provide a boost for public transport on the Gold Coast.

“This additional funding brings our total commitment to Stage 3 of the light rail to $395.6 million and demonstrates our Government’s continued commitment to helping deliver what is the most significant transport infrastructure project ever carried out on the Gold Coast,” Mr Fletcher said.

“This stage of the project is expected to directly support 760 jobs while also improving the speed, reliability and service frequency of the light rail system, and helping to further bust local congestion.”

PHOTO: Supplied

Mayor Tom Tate has welcomed the extra funding commitment.

“I can’t thank both the state and federal government enough for continuation of their support and delivering of this project.”

Stage 3 will comprise eight new stations along 6.7kms of new track.

Last year, John Holland Group was announced by the state government as the builder of the project.

The extension is now not expected to be open until late 2024.

Image: Supplied

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The only thing this extension will provide is a welcoming of thugs from the Logan and Northern GC areas to Burleigh. Prepare yourself for the increase in stabbings and car theft.

No not the only thing, it changes the development height restrictions. Plenty of thugs already around Burleigh Heads, they are southern GC locals, same faces terrorising the shop keepers every week.

That is garbage.That is an unsubstantiated claim and wrong.

Can’t they catch a bus

$3 Billion will be the final price, whilst we all wait up to 5 hours to get into a hospital.

John Holland Constructions that was purchased in 2015 by China Communications Construction Company Limited ergo Queensland’s own Belt and Roads Initiative contract?

Exactly right mate!