Gold Coast hot spot for fuel theft – new data shows

The Gold Coast is officially one of the worst spots in Queensland for petrol drive-offs.

Concerning figures from the RACQ show Queensland has had nearly 11,000 drive-offs this year, well on track to surpass last years figure.

Spokesperson for the RACQ, Renee Smith, said the worst offending areas are Logan and the Gold Coast with 3,884 incidents recorded.


2,300 of those reported cases were at Gold Coast petrol stations.

“We have taken a look at this data up until August and it’s really concerning.

“Last year, for the whole year, it was around 14 and a half thousand, so if we keep following this trend we are going to surpass the number of drive-offs last year”, she said.

When asked what might have caused the spike, Ms Smith says the RACQ don’t believe high petrol prices have anything to do with it.

“We think the people that are carrying out these offences do have a history of criminal activity.

“We call on police to do more about this behaviour”, she said.

The RACQ does believe that increased CCTV cameras at stations will also help alleviate the problem.