Stalker’s ad for £5,000 hitman to cut off mum’s head

A MAN who became so infatuated with a woman that when she rejected him he threatened to ‘cut her into pieces’ has been jailed for just three years.

Luis de Barra Silva, 36, stalked young mum Jade Coyne, 23, after he saw  her chatting with friends in a Pizza Hut shop in Scotland.

Silva reportedly approached Coyne online after finding out her name, however when she rejected his advances his obsession took a sinister turn and he threatened to ‘cut her into pieces’, posting an ad online offering £5000 to anyone who would kill Jade and cut off her head.


He also threatened to kidnap her young daughter.

At Inverness Sheriff Court on Thursday, Silva was jailed for three years for stalking.

Following the sentencing  Coyne told The Mirror she was relived the “stranger in the shadows” was finally behind bars.

“I have never been so relieved in my life that it is finally over.

“I had never met the man. He was a stranger in the shadows to me.

“I was pregnant at the time with my daughter and I had no idea that he had seen me and become so obsessed.”

Silva is currently awaiting deportation to serve the sentence in his homeland, Portugal.