Starbucks sued for ripping off customers

Once again, big business is taking another dig at customers. And this time it’s the mighty Starbucks who are trying to get away with – wait for it – selling air!

It’s unsurprising that the coffee powerhouse are now being sued as a result.

They’ve apparently been under-filling lattes and giving us caffeine addicts even more reason to take our business elsewhere.


This cheeky move by the infamous brand is one that is completely unfounded on any logical basis, given the fact that we already pay a pretty penny for a dose of coffee from their establishment.

Now, I know to that some people reading this may be thinking, “What’s the big deal?”

Well, let me break it down for you.

The latest lawsuit – and I say latest, because there have been a number of them – states that Starbucks lattes were under-filled by approximately 25% of their advertised sizes.

You would think that Starbucks, a company with a global net worth of well over US$1 billion, could spare a few extra millimeters of milk per latte (but hey, maybe that’s why they’re so rich?).

More importantly: if a globally successful company can’t take the time to properly fill up your cuppa Joe, what does that say about how they value their loyal coffee aficionado customers?

Apparently, not too much – and the fact that this complaint has resulted in legal disputes five times over clearly testifies to that.

However, Starbucks are not the only large-scale franchise to be caught out for such a devious caper.

In the UK, a similar scam issue was uncovered with major franchise Costa Coffee.

After an everyday consumer compared both a large and a regular costa coffee cup and found no difference in the amount of liquid it contained, it is clear that this is a common economic tactic.

But it’s very, very cheeky for them to do this.

Chains like Starbucks throw a fancy syrup on top with a dusting of cinnamon, then charge an extraordinary amount for a simple beverage. So why are they trying to squeeze customers for extra dollars this way?

Coffee is as cheap as chips to make as it is – so why be so greedy as to charge customers for air at the top of their cup?!