State border closures cost Australia $7B in tourism spending

It’s been revealed that border closures have cost Australia’s tourism industry almost $7 billion in just five weeks.

New data commissioned by the Transport and Tourism Forum suggest that the border closures in response to recent hotspots declared in Sydney and Greater Brisbane contributed largely to the loss.

New South Wales is understood to have been hit the hardest over the usually busy summer season, followed by Victoria and then Queensland.


There are also fears that 320,000 people in the tourism industry will be jobless by September if the JobKeeper subsidy isn’t extended, according to new modelling.

At the moment, the support is due to finish at the end of March.

Earlier in the week, the CEO of the Tourism and Transport Forum called on the federal government to promise an extension for the tourism industry.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison wouldn’t do it.

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Its about time the hand outs stop and people and State governments take responsibility for their own actions.

Clearly Tax Payer below is not on cusp of losing entire lifes savings work (house, business, savings) due to Govt imposed border closures. TravelAgent