STATE BUDGET: Concession cuts will hit hard

MORE than 435,000 aged pensioners will be worse off under Queensland’s 2014-15 State Budget, according to the Council on the Ageing (COTA).

According to the State Budget 2014-15, individual concessions for electricity, gas, rates, water, car registration, and public transport fares will be reduced unless the Australian Government reinstates it’s National Partnership funding for concessions.

The proposed funding cut will not only affect the elderly, but veterans, people with disabilities, carers and singe parents.


Mark Tucker-Evans, Chief Executive of COTA Queensland has urged Premier Campbell Newman to continue funding for core concessions even without the Australian Government contribution.

“Concessions on council rates, energy and water help older people stay at home longer – this is an overall benefit to the aged care system,” Mr Tucker-Evans said.

“Concessions on motor vehicle and public transport help older people stay connected to their communities – this is an overall benefit to the health system.”

Mr Tucker-Evans said the unravelling of these concession arrangements was a failure of Federation and has encouraged the State’s 12 Senators – regardless of their political affiliation – to work together to reinstate $54.2 million in Australian Government funding to Queensland’s 2014-15 Budget.