The State budget to be handed down today

The State government will announce whether it plans to push ahead with the Cross River Rail alone, or wait for Federal funds, when it unveils its budget today.

The Commonwealth has refused to allocate money for Brisbane’s second rail river crossing in its federal budget.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday reiterated the $5.4 billion project was a top priority but is yet to reveal whether a private sector partner will help to pay for it.


So far, the government has announced that it’s set aside $5 million over two years to honour its commitment to help small councils install fluoride infrastructure for local water supplies.

A $2 billion surplus had been on the cards, according to the mid-year economic review, but that was before Tropical Cyclone Debbie smashed into central Queensland and triggered flooding down the coast.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt says he intends to post a surplus.

The state election is due by May 2018, but is tipped to be held about November this year.

The government is hoping to get a boost in the polls off the back of the budget.

Mr Pitt will hand down the budget in state parliament this afternoon.