State calls for Federal intervention on soaring fuel prices

The Queensland Government is pushing Canberra to help out with soaring petrol prices in the Sunshine State.

According to Minister for Natural Resources Dr Anthony Lynham the Premier has written to the Federal Government asking them to give more power to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“The ACCC has had previous reports on fuel price collusion and the gouging of customers by fuel companies but they haven’t had the teeth to do anything about it,” Dr Lynham told MyGC.


“We’re calling on the Federal Government to give the ACCC enough power so it can act on how these companies are gouging Queensland customers.

“Fuel prices are simply too high around this nation, Queensland motorists are hurting.”

However, The Courier-Mail reports the consumer watchdog says prices are at a minimum due to competition.

ACCC Chair Rod Sims told Newscorp there was a greater diversity of petrol retailers compared to the number of providers compared to 15 years ago.

The Queensland State Government has been heavily lobbied by the opposition to create a real-time fuel price monitoring mobile application in an attempt to cut down petrol prices.

Earlier this year, the government finally relented and said they’d introduce a two-year trial of the plan.

The trial starts in December and Minister Lynham says despite the soaring costs they won’t shorten the trial period.