State commits $96m to Gold Coast M1 exit upgrades

The state government has promised vital funds to upgrade two congested M1 exits on the Gold Coast, when it hands down the budget this afternoon.

$96 million will be spent upgrading Exit 41 at Yatala South, and Exit 49 at Pimpama, with the funds covering 50 percent of both projects.

The federal government has already committed $50 million for the upgrades, but the state says that’s only about a quarter of what they should be committing.


State Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC he’s hopeful and optimistic that the federal government will top up their funds to get work going as soon as possible.

“The federal coalition government has always said 50/50 funding state/federal on the M1.

“We’ve had some differences in opinion on that – we thought they should be putting in more than that, but at the bare minimum they’ve always said 50/50.

“That’s all we ask for these M1 interchanges, people need action, and to get these done as soon as possible,” Minister Bailey said.

Minister Bailey says it’s absolutely critical that these interchanges get up and running.

“The population growth is incredibly strong, and puts a lot of pressure on getting through these interchanges,” Minister Bailey said.

Gold Coasters are being told to listen out for news on the ‘second M1’, with reports money will be set aside for planning the Coomera Connector.

“Interesting news on that front – I don’t want to preempt the budget, but certainly the growing northern part of the Gold Coast is something the Palaszczuk Government is aware of.

“There’ll be further news on the Coomera connector in the near future,” Minister Bailey told myGC.