State of Emergency declared in Charlotte after fatal shooting

A State of Emergency has been declared in Charlotte, North Carolina after an African-American man was shot dead by police.

The fatal shooting occurred on Tuesday local time after 43-year-old victim Keith Scott allegedly refused to put down a gun on officers demands.

Since the shooting, violent protests have erupted with several police officers and protestors injured.


One protester remains on life support in a critical condition in hospital after being shot.

The Australian Government’s travel advisory and consular information service sent out a warning on Friday, advising all Australians to avoid the area.

“A State of Emergency has been declared in , North Carolina. Avoid locations where protests and demonstrations are taking place,” the Government said.

The state of emergency was declared by North Carolina governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday, with the National Guard and Highway Patrol called in to help.

WATCH: Warning – confronting scenes.