State Government announces higher pay for Queensland teachers

Experienced Queensland state school teachers will have the opportunity to earn up to around $122,000 per year under two new teaching classifications announced this week.

Education Minister Grace Grace unveiled the Highly Accomplished Teach (HAT) and Lead Teacher (LT) program on Tuesday, saying it was one of the biggest reforms to the teaching profession in decades.

“In recognition of the important role teachers play in educating young Queenslanders, from 2019, we will introduce two new teaching classifications,” Ms Grace said.


“It’s about giving teachers a genuine career pathway that will see our best educators stay in the classroom.”

QTU Vice-President Sam Pidgeon said this was a great opportunity for Queensland teachers to gain national recognition, progress their careers and retain their expertise.

“It’s important that the important work of our classroom teachers is valued and celebrated,” Ms Pidgeon said.

“HAT and LT certification will involve teachers focusing on their practice, how they work to improve student outcomes, enhance collaboration with colleagues and continue their professional growth.”

Ms Grace said the pay rise for Queensland teachers was very well deserved.

“We believe they deserve to have career development opportunities, a clear path for progression and we think they deserve to be remunerated well,” she said.

Classroom teachers from across the state can apply for HAT and LT certification from next year.