State Government “not prepared” for snap border closure

The State Opposition has slammed the Queensland Government, accusing them of not being prepared for their own hard border closure.

Just three checkpoints have been set up on the Gold Coast, with one on the M1, the Gold Coast Highway and Griffith Street at Coolangatta, causing traffic mayhem for motorists.

It’s sparked desperate calls for more checkpoints, however Queensland Police have admitted that won’t be possible until more resources are made available.


Currumbin MP Laura Gerber said her phone did not stop at all yesterday, with calls from frustrated locals stuck in the gridlock.

“There was traffic all through the back streets of Tweed Heads, Kirra and Currumbin, they were completely clogged,” Ms Gerber said.

“I had people calling me that finished a shift at Tweed City and tried to get home to Kirra or Coolangatta and it took them up to four hours to get home.

“I had constituents that had doctors appointments in John Flynn Hospital and also at the Tweed Hospital and they either had to cancel or were stuck in traffic for around an hour and a half to three hours.

“Imagine if that was an emergency, it’s just unacceptable, it puts people at risk.”

Ms Gerber said the State Government should have already known the consequences, following the first hard border closure.

“The Labor Government should have been prepared for this,” she said.

“I can’t believe they’ve had all of this time and all of a sudden they’re slamming borders shut and got no resources to man them.

“It’s an absolute disgrace.”

While more checkpoints are on the horizon, motorists and local businesses are being warned they will have to put up with the traffic chaos for a little while longer.

“I’ve been given no time frame on when more checkpoints will open, I’ve been given no clarity around when that might happen,” Ms Gerber said.

“And of course the resources are not the problem of police, the resources are contingent on the State Labor Government allocating that, pulling those resources and giving that to the police so that they can actually man these checkpoints.”

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Well what a surprise, the labour state government screw things up again, its not new so why are you surprised.Maybe all those who voted for labour, will think again next time

This government would lock. everyone out if the world was going to end.Then she would yell I won’t be intimidated.

What proof does Laura Gerber have? Can she point to specific things that the government has not prepared for? Its ironic that these claims are coming from a Liberal minister.

Your obviously not in the traffic jam trying to get to J.F.H. We are in a pandemic for goodness sakes. Anna should have rang the P.M. and asked for 50 or so staff from Canungra Army Camp. She certainly knows how to borrow another 50 billion from the Reserve Bank to keep her election promises. I agree with her hard border closures, keeping Queenslanders safe. I’m just glad my air-con works and still have enough fuel to keep the engine running.

Why people whinging all the times. I am late for appointment bla bla bla.. well go there earlier…. complaining won’t solve your problems….

It is not a matter of complaining when it takes you 3 hrs to travel what is normally a 10 to 15 minute commute. It is a matter of mismanagement on the highest level, financially, emotionally causing destruction through irrational decisions that make absolutely no sense if you have any idea of how the world turns around. Sad to see.