State govt unveils $4 billion stimulus package for Queenslanders

The Queensland government has unveiled a new range of stimulus measures, in what they’ve labelled the ‘biggest single relief package assembled by any state or territory’.

An additional $4 billion will be invested to support Queenslander’s health, jobs and businesses.

Households across the state are set to get $200 off their utility bills, while businesses will be eligible for payroll tax holidays, and a payroll tax deferrals.


Half a billion dollars will be spent assisting workers who’ve lost their jobs, and finding new ones, and liquor licencing fees will be waived for businesses who’ve had to close their doors.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk say the measures are unprecedented.

“To date, this is the biggest single relief package assembled by any state or territory.

“Our $300 million household relief package will give Queensland households $200 off their utility bills, building on the $50 asset dividend we have already announced.

“Our society will go through the most difficult period most of us have ever experienced, but I am determined my Government will support Queenslanders through it,” the Premier said.

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie Trad says an additional $2.5 billion into protecting Queensland jobs and businesses.

“I’ve been engaging with Queensland industry and business and we’ve taken on board what they’ve said.

“For small and medium businesses and large businesses specifically impacted by COVID-19, we will refund two months’ worth of payroll tax.

“Additionally, we’re giving small and medium businesses a three-month payroll tax holiday, and a further six-month payroll tax deferral for any of these Queensland businesses.

“Combined with the payroll tax deferrals we’ve already announced, it means no Queensland business impacted by COVID-19 will need to make a payroll tax payment this year.

“That $2.5 billion includes a package of up to $500 million to assist workers who lose their job or income and to help them find jobs in the industries that are vital to getting us through this crisis – health care, agriculture, food production, transport, cleaning and mining.

“We’re waiving liquor licencing fees for venues that have had to close their doors, providing rent relief for businesses who rent premises from the state government and giving sole traders, small and medium businesses a $500 rebate on their power bill for this year,” Ms Trad said.

Plus, an extra $1.2 billion will be spent expanding fever clinics, emergency department capacity, acute care services and regional aeromedical services for remote communities.

The government has today launched an online portal for businesses to apply for payroll tax relief which can be accessed via

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List my job now only get 69 bucks from centerlink since hubby still working not fair

before I put myself through this can i ask do you have kids and does hubby earn over 65k? not sure how to survive this, why cant landlords pass on mortgage holidays to tenants even if its 50%,seems like couples earning over $42500 are up s%#t creek…….scary

If your partner earns over $48,100 then you get nothing my wife is in the same position. But the government are looking at raising that figure so they say.

Hi wanting to find out if there is something in regards to helping with rates in Qld and if there is anything in regards to Mobile and home phones and internet bills And registration for vehicles

Hi how we can find out if there is something in regards to helping with rates in Qld

So as a self employed sole trader with no employees I cant see a benefit to assist me, is there any plans moving forward as I don’t want to close my business because there is a high possibility that i wont be able to reopen when all of this is done and dusted ??????

Does anyone know how the $200 to households for utility bills will be provided if one is renting/the lessee?
Will Queensland soon follow WA and provide No payment on : Vehicle Rego; Utility bills; deferred household Rental to those unemployed? Or are Landlords required to pass on 6 month Mortgage holiday payments onto tenants/lesees who are now unemployed?

I was hired as permanent part-time worker (40 hrs per fortnight) 18 months ago and caring for my elderly mother (no assistance apart from her pension) my hours have been reduced, I did 7 hours this week, how am I supposed to pay Rates, Rego, Water, Groceries, Phone Bills x 2, Car Repayment & Insurances? I cannot understand how I am supposed to live, I’m really worried. Are they giving us a stimulus package? I can’t seem to get a answer from anyone.