State Govt unveils massive boost to Police numbers across Qld

The State Government has unveiled plans for more than 2000 extra Police and support staff over the next five years.

The Premier has promised that at least 1450 of those would be frontline officers with key regions of the state to get at least 150 additional Police.

An extra 300 positions will be opened up in communications centres, prosecutions and watch houses.


There will also be an additional 50 child protection investigators and 125 Police liaison officers.

New mobile Police beats will also be rolled out across the state with 25 of the units to be deployed to areas including the Gold Coast.

The plan is set to cost $624 million dollars over the next five years.

Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk says it’s a record investment to keep Queenslanders safe.

“It’s a huge number and I’m proud that we are funding this. It’s fully funded, it’s Police right across Queensland, the largest number we have seen in 30 years,” The Premier said.

Police Minister Mark Ryan described the plan as ‘historic’.

“This announcement today delivers more Police, a focus on prevention and also backs in the tougher laws that our government has presided over over the last 5 years and plans for even more support for Police over the next five years,” Mr Ryan said.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has welcomed the announcement which comes just 34 days before the state election.

But Commissioner Carroll insists she has been pushing for this since taking on the top job.

“You would know that I did a review and it looked at our demand and our challenges, not only in the past few years but also into the future,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“I’ve had these conversations with the Minister for a number of months and I’ve got to say I’m extraordinarily pleased and grateful for the announcement today.

“It is the largest growth in a generation, but it is not just frontline Police, it is the support that helps them do their job.”

Growths areas including the Gold Coast are among those across the state that have been earmarked for more Police.