State leaders to meet with vaccine rollout chief today

We could see vaccine clinics operating 24 hours a day towards the end of this year, as part of plans to boost Australia’s vaccine rollout.

It’s just one of the ideas being floated ahead of a meeting between state and territory leaders and the head of the rollout, Lieutenant General John Frewen.

It comes as the supply of the Pfizer formula begins dwindling, with Queensland now just about cleanout.


GPs will still be able to administer the sought after formula, but state-run clinics are now only jabbing those with second appointments or high priority groups.

Health officials yesterday confirmed that almost 140,000 Queenslanders were now registered to receive the Pfizer vaccine, but will have to wait until October for an appointment.

That’s when the next major shipment is set to come to Australia.

Once the supply is more steady throughout the last quarter of the year, authorities want a plan of attack to get it out to Australians quickly.

General John Frewen says no idea is off the table ahead of today’s meeting.