State of emergency declared in France amid attacks in Paris

A STATE of emergency has been declared in France, after simultaneous attacks in Paris.

The confirmed death toll remains at 35, after a shooting at a restaurant along with as many as seven explosions across the capital.

While 100 patrons have been taken hostage in Bataclan concert hall in eastern Paris. There are reports from those inside that people are being executed ‘one-by-one’.


No one has yet claimed responsibility but President Francois Hollande has suggested he knows who is at the centre of the terror attacks.

“This is a terrible hardship. We know who theses terrorists are,” President Hollande said in a press conference.

But he stopped short to naming those responsible.

He declared a state of emergency and the closure of the country’s borders.

His ally, US President Barack Obama vowed to join forces with France to do all they can to catch the terrorists.

Social media has gone into overdrive as people scramble for safety and to find out about loved ones.

Hashtags including ‘Pray for Paris’ have also been established.

pray for paris

Australians concerned for loved ones should attempt direct contact. But if you are unable to do so, you can call the consular emergency centre: 1300 555 135